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About Us


The Humane Society of Bay County is a volunteer organization.  Monthly board meetings are open to the public and held the third Thursday of every month at Bangor Township Recreational Hall, 180 State Park Drive.


The Humane Society of Bay County was formed in November 1984 by a group of concerned citizens who recognized a need within our community.  Since that time, the organization has acted as the animal advocate in our community.  Your support continues to be our inspiration as we look forward to a future of improved welfare for all animals.

The Humane Society is a separate entity from Bay County Animal Control; however, the Humane Society is an advocate for shelter adoptions and buys vaccinations and other medication for shelter animals.  In addition, the Humane Society was a source of significant funding for building the Bay County Animal Control facility.

All of your donations go towards our many programs, including:

  • Animal Control donations for vaccinations and medications
  • Spay/neuter rebates
  • Foster program
  • Community outreach
  • Temporary housing and care for pets of domestic violence situations through the Judy V. Spencer Fund
  • Quarterly newsletter to educate area residents
  • Website to share resource information with everyone

Vision of the future

The Humane Society of Bay County is the community’s resource organization for saving animals and looks to a future no-kill shelter.  The organization believes in these values:

  • All animals’ lives are valued
  • No kill shelter for adoptable animals
  • Affordable spay and neutering program
  • Educational programs


The mission of the Humane Society of Bay County is to save, protect and enhance the lives of animals in Bay County.

Click here for the Humane Society of Bay County membership application.